Solisten Language Integration


There is a great diversity of sounds in all the spoken languages (around 5000): all around the world there are about 650 consonant sounds and 180 vowel sounds. However, each language uses in average 40 basic sounds, called phonemes. The phoneme is the similar sound unity which enables to create a difference of meaning between two words. Thus, a language is at first a music, that is to say a specific set of rhythms and sounds. These are the substratum on top of which all the other acquisition (lexical, syntactic, semantics) will come.

Solisten Language Integration is a very easy to use device where the recorded music and readings are pre-programed with the Tomatis Effect in 4 languages: English, Spanish, French and German. For each language, two 30-hour program are available. The first program is design for children and includes some children songs, the second is designed for adults with some more specific texts. Solisten Language Integration  enables to make passive training sessions to ease the perception of a foreign language.

TALKS enable students to do active training sessions. Thanks to a specific device with an integrated microphone the voice is process in live with the Tomatis Effect. The student only has to repeat words to work actively the pronunciation. By modifying the perception by the ear and the brain of his/her own voice, the student unconsciously adjusts her/his speech to the pattern of the foreign language. These devices will allow you to perform active work in the comfort of your home or at the office.